5 of the Best ways to Find Water in the Wild

 5 of the Best Ways to Find  Water in the Wild


Around 2,000 people get lost in the wilderness each year. It is always smart to know how to survive on your own just in case you do get lost.

So in this article, I will give you tips on how to find water in the wild. If you ever get lost or just need water.

1. Collect Rain Water

Collecting Rain Water is a very safe way of collecting water. This is safe because you do not have to worry about bacteria or infection.

  1. First, you want to use a tarp or a poncho.
  2. Then you want to tie the corners of the poncho or tarp to some trees.
  3. Furthermore, put a rock in the middle of the tarp to create a slope to the ground.
  4. Then, put a bucket under the tarp to collect the water.
  5. Finally just wait for it to rain, and the bucket will be filled with water in no time.

    2. Animal Trails

Animals know where water is. So if you are trying to find water try to look for an animals or animal trails. That means water is nearby. So follow the trail and at some point, it should lead you to a water source.

Birds Flight Paths are also good to watch. So in the morning and in the evening look at which way the birds go, and follow the direction they flew. Which will lead you to a water source.






 3. Vegetation and Soil

Bright green plants are a great sign that a water source is nearby. You can also check the soil and see if the soil is moist. This is a good sign that water is nearby too.

If you are in a very wet area with lots of mud dig a hole a foot deep and a foot wide and wait. There will soon be a collection of water in the hole. The water will be very muddy though.

I would highly recommend using a water filter to drink the water. Would you want to drink this water unfiltered?

A Water Filter that I would recommend that would be perfect for this situation is the Katadyn Pocket Water Filter. I did a review on the Katadyn Water Filter. Click here to read my review on the filter.

Image from Nicola’s Daisies Blog









4. Rivers and Streams

This is a pretty simple one but try to find a river or stream. You might be able to hear one from a distance if you are really quiet.

Rivers and streams water are very clean. Because they are moving fast, not much bacteria can build up in the water. I would still use a filter though just to be safe.

Water also flows downhill. You have a good chance of finding water in valleys or in low areas. So head downhill.

Photo from US Fish and Wildlife Service







If you see mosquitoes in your surrounding area that means water is nearby. Mosquitos are normally very close to water. So if you are getting bit by mosquitoes that is a good and bad because water is nearby.

If you see flies in your surrounding area to that means a water source is nearby. Because flies and mosquitos need to be close to water to survive.





So if you get lost in the wild and need water head downhill, and look for animal trails and bugs. You can also use a poncho to collect water and dig in mud to collect water. Make sure to use a filter when you drink water though. So you can make sure you do not get sick.

I hope you learned something new today and this helps you in the future!


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